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Anonymous feedback from a seminar
Thanks for the opportunity to do this course, is fantastic, 100% guarantee and satisfaction. The program is the best way to learn about cargo handling, cranes and transport. I have recommended the course to my colleagues and I have posted it on LinkedIn.
Esteban dos SantosOperations Manager, Navemar
When working with Marco, we received his many years experience and expertise for planning and executing a job. The outcome: a job well done.
Keith AndersonChief Rigging Engineer, Bechtel Corporation
With vast experience Marco is universally recognized as one of the leading industry experts in this field; his book “The Art of Heavy Transport” is the go-to reference source.Having technical know-how alone does not make a person an effective trainer, but Marco is that too.
Robbie GougeRigging Engineer, Edwards Moving & Rigging
The ballasting program is extremely detailed and thorough, and flexible enough for most any ro-ro operation. It is very well organized and user friendly. It makes my life a lot easier and time effective.
Kevin O’Neill, P.E.Senior Project Engineer, Siefert Associates LLC
I just wanted to say that your webinar was top notch. All in the office enjoyed the presentation and the pitch, by far one of the best I have seen ! Look forward to many more.
Nick KleinSunbelt Rentals
I have attended the Heavy Lift & Transport Masterclass by Marco J. van Daal and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Marco is a high-level expert but presents the material in such a way that anyone will benefit – regardless of your level of sophistication.
Jeff LattureVice President, Barnhart Crane & Rigging
I continue to be impressed with his efforts to become one of the thought leaders in our industry. His book, articles and speaking engagements are of very high quality.
Anonymous feedback from a seminar
Marco is adept at organizing training sessions and seminars for all level of personnel. He has earned his position as a well respected and trusted individual and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Anonymous feedback from a seminar
A great advocate of knowledge sharing so that other benefit from his instructions and examples and the way he conducts himself in all aspects of a project.
John JacksonManaging Director, Fagioli USA
Marco is a very experienced Heavy Transport & Lift professional with a keen eye towards safety, not only in terms of welfare of personnel but in the very real aspect of security of lifts and transports.
Jeff DaceyBechtel Corporation
The application of sound engineering principles give new and experienced professionals the ability to tackle increasingly complex problems. This highly specialized information was once available to only a handful of specialists worldwide, Marco has made it accessible to all.
Bernd SchwengsbierPresident, Scheurle, Nicolas, Kamag
I’ve known Marco since 1995. The international experience that he brings to the table benefits every level in a transport and/or lift organization, starting from the pre-engineering phase, to equipment selection, to logistics and execution. Not only is he a true asset to our industry but I consider him a personal friend as well.
Anonymous participantSC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop
Great and valuable information, in particular I loved his comparison to the World Cup, I am going to use that to motivate my own personnel.
Sergio MaderoVice President, Mamut de Colombia
Marco’s great knowledge and best practices have been a contribution to a better understanding of the highlighted techniques and enabled us to perform our activities in a better and safer way and thus provide a better service to our clients.
Kent GoodmanFluor Daniel
When I need information on transporters, I turn to Marco. His worldwide exposure and experience has led him to become one of the most knowledgable engineers on hydraulic transporters and SPMT’s in our industry.
Bill TeichgraberWire rope & rigging business, Trainer & Consultant
I had the privilege of hearing Marco present in Alberta, Canada. His knowledge, skills and experience are extremely valuable to draw from and he openly shares practical insights. You will find his Heavy Lift & Transport seminar is exceptional. I highly recommend him.
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Planning for Load Handling Activities



The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), published the P30.1-2014 standard, Planning for Load Handling Activities on January 14, 2014. This American National Standard document was produced by the Standards Committee Personnel of which Marco J. van Daal was a contributing member. This document provides guidance for two types of lift plans;
     – Standard Lift Plan
     – Critical Lift Plan

Once it has been established if a lift requires a “standard” or “Critical” lift plan, this document takes you through the various steps of the lift plan development, pre-lift meetings, execution of the lift and post-lift review.
It contains sample pre-lift checklists as well as standardized lift plan data sheets.

This document is published by ASME and is available from their website. Clicking the “Buy Now” button will take you to the ASME website for further payment handling. The ASME website will open in a new window, but this window will remain open as well. Once you complete the transaction you can simply close the ASME window and return to The Works international website.

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Best Practice Guide for Self-Propelled Modular Transporters



This Best Practice Guide is the result of the efforts and dedication of the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) task force. For the first time in Heavy and Specialized Transport history the main industry players joined forces to publish this long awaited document. It deals primarily with stability of SPMTs but also touches base on training, communication and responsibilities. It offers an easy to implement flowchart that determines, based on a number of input parameters, what degree of engineering is required for a transport execution.

     – First Degree Engineering (consisting of a few basic calculations)
     – Second Degree Engineering (additional calculations are required)
The reason for this being such an important document is the composition of the task force;
     – Collett Group Ltd.,              United Kingdom, Operating Company
     – Fagioli S.p.a.,                     Italy, Operating company
     – Goldhofer AG,                    Germany, Manufacturer
     – Mammoet BV,                    The Netherlands, Operating Company
     – RDW,                                 The Netherlands, Netherlands Road Authorities
     – Sarens NV,                         Belgium, Operating Company
     – Scheuerle,                          Germany, Manufacturer
     – Shell,                                  The Netherlands, Industrial Client
     – The Works international, Aruba, Heavy Transport Consultant
     – Wagenborg Nedlift BV,       The Netherlands, Operating Company
The Best Practice Guide has been well received by the industry and is now available in English, German, Polish, French and Spanish.

This document is published by ESTA and is available from their website. Clicking the “Buy Now” button will take you to the ESTA website for further handling. The ESTA website will open in a new window, but this window will remain open as well. Once you complete the transaction you can simply close the ESTA window and return to The Works international website.

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